About our course

The Learning Ethical Media Online (LEMON) course aims to increase media content creators’ awareness of inclusiveness and diversity approaches to media creation. 
The course is self-taught and self-assessed by the participants. The course designers and administrators will access the feedback only with a view to improve the course.

The full course it is about 4 ½ hours long in total, but registration ensures your progression will be saved, so you can leave it at any time and comeback later to the spot where you left it.

You can start the course at any point you wish, but to get the full benefit of the course, it would be recommended to follow the course layout, from the Introduction, completing the initial questionnaire, then the three modules and finally the Final Assessment. This will ensure the best experience of the course and allow you to self-assess your learning and training experience.  

The LEMON course is divided into three modules, preceded by an Introductory element, which explains how to navigate the course and includes an initial self-assessment of the areas covered in the course.

The three modules are: 

  • Module 1: Words Matter. This module examines the challenges to inclusion and diversity in the use of language.
  • Module 2: Alternative Perspectives. This module explores how our values and worldview create blindspots in our understanding of inclusion and diversity.
  • Module 3: How to deal with Disinformation. This module provides a series of tools to recognise and deal with misinformation and disinformation.

The course ends with a final self-assessment that will help you to track your increased awareness and knowledge in the areas covered in the Modules.

Finally, there is access to a sources and resources list that includes links to the materials used in the course as well as further reading and links to other websites that offer further information related to inclusion and diversity.

The course requires both, registration (so your progression can be saved by Moodle, so when leaving the site it is possible return to the point it was left) and enrolment (so you can benefit of the course full content and self-assessment element.

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Note for trainers:

Though the course has been designed as a stand-alone, asynchronous course, it can also be integrated in blended training or as a resource to be used during face-to-face training, by using the specific activities/modules and trainer-led sessions in combination.

If you are a trainer, we invite you to become familiar with the content by completing the course yourself, as it would help you to design and decide how to deliver your own training. If you would like some advice or further information on the use of the Lemon course for blended training, please, contact us by emailing contact@inclusivemediatraining.eu